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to vary Uncooked materials, one example is by incorporating chemicals or other substances to them, as Section of the production of products:

2a(one) : a purely natural phenomenon marked by gradual modifications that direct towards a selected result the process of progress

four coloration process hyper micro process map core process radical process advancement (RPI) process reengineering process excess weight process chart

Via the early sixties, Computer system Management computer software had advanced from monitor control software, such as IBSYS, to government Handle computer software. As time passes, computers obtained more rapidly whilst computer time was nevertheless neither inexpensive nor fully used; this sort of an atmosphere built multiprogramming feasible and vital.

Packages consist of sequences of Directions for processors. A single processor can operate just one instruction at a time: it is unachievable to operate a lot more applications at the same time. A application may possibly want some resource, which include an enter gadget, which has a large hold off, or possibly a plan might start out some sluggish operation, for instance sending output into a printer.

b. The list of steps and events that constitute a authorized continuing or a good portion thereof: the demo process; the sentencing process.

From Cambridge English Corpus   Therefore, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are basically a higher type of animal existence ensuing from the slow evolutionary process

working, general performance, operation - process or fashion of working or functioning; "the power of its motor decides its operation"; "the aircraft's Procedure in substantial winds"; "they compared the cooking functionality of each oven"; "the jet's functionality conformed to higher criteria"

process - institute authorized proceedings in opposition to; file a fit against; "He indian visa was warned which the district legal professional would process him"; "She actioned the business for discrimination"

The process during which the plastic tubing is created carries through the entire factory, as we will reveal to the tour going to be taken.

One of about 70 popular meridional ridges projecting within the corona ciliaris with the choroid coat of the attention to which the suspensory ligament in the lens is attached.

ethmoid process a bony projection earlier mentioned and at the rear of the maxillary process of the inferior nasal concha.

refine - deal with or put together in order to set inside of a usable condition; "refine paper stock"; "refine pig iron"; "refine oil"

five. dentistry A number of functions that transform a wax sample, such as that of a denture base, into a sound denture base of One more substance.

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